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Hi, readers. Aku pernah melihat serial anime Jepang yang seru banget, namanya Koihime Musou. Ceritanya ber-setting kerajaan Cina kuno sepnajang dan setelah jatuhnya dinasti Han dengan ada beberapa perubahan: Sebagian besar karakter laki-laki dalam cerita telah menjadi perempuan dan The Three Kingdoms yang dibentuk setelah Dinasti Han, sudah lebih dulu didirikan. Meskipun setiap kerajaan yang memerintah berbentuk monarki independen, tiga kerajaan masih setia pada kekaisaran Han. Namun, kerajaan berada diambang kehancuran saat kerusuhan massa, kriminal dan pertikaian turut membawa kekacauan bagi bangsa tersebut.

Saat kekaisaran akhirnya runtuh dan panglima perang berperang satu sama lain, di tengah gejolak, beberapa faksi utama terbentuk, siap untuk memerintah dan menyatukan bangsa yang retak. Faksi utama (5 di Koihime Muso, 7 di sekuel) adalah faksi Shoku yang dipimpin oleh Kazuto Hongo di Koihime Muso dan di sekuel, Ratu Ryūbi dari Kerajaan Shu. Faksi Gi yang dipimpin oleh Ratu Soso dari Kerajaan Wei. Faksi Go yang dipimpin oleh Putri Sonken dari Kerajaan Wu dan di sekuel, dia kakak Ratu Sonsaku. 

Faksi Tōtaku yang dipimpin oleh Tōtaku, Gubernur Provinsi Dong. Faksi En / Yuan dipimpin oleh Lady Enshō, dan dalam sekuel Pemberontak Kōkintō / Turban Kuning yang dipimpin oleh para Zhang, Chōkaku, Chōhō dan Chōryō serta Nanban / South Barbarian dipimpin oleh Mōkaku. (Anime di-set sebelum kekaisaran Han jatuh dan sebelum perebutan kekuasaan antara para panglima perang dimulai.)

Inilah pemeran dalam Koihime musou

(see the game of Web Koihime musou character in here)


Hongo Kazuto (北郷一刀?) 


The main character of the visual novel series. He is a modern day Japanese students who are trained in kendo, military strategy and have a fairly good knowledge about the history of Asia in general. He was sent back in time to ancient China when he tried to stop a mysterious student of stealing The ancient Chinese mirrors in the collection of school and end up breaking a mirror in the process. Because of his abnormal costumes (uniforms) and speech (loan words in English), he was saved by Kan'u and one to "Messenger of Heaven" is said to be able to bring peace to China. He initially denied and turned down the role but then decided to help Kan'u in their search, hoping to find a way back home. However, over time, he felt himself attached and started to think twice about whether he should go home . He is often considered too frivolous and too big hunter skirt by almost everyone.


In Shin Koihime Muso, regardless of the chosen kingdom, Kazuto sent to another world when he was sleeping in his own back. Usually before she was found, the leaders of each kingdom's comments how they see a shooting star in the sky. As in the first game, he still regarded as a Messenger of Heaven. 

He often surprised as to how he knew of the literary hero is very different from what he had learned of the time. In the first game of Koihime Muso role is similar to Ryūbi. But he took an entirely new role in the Shin Koihime Muso, as has been the character Ryūbi separate. In the sequel, Kazuto can be aligned with one of the warring factions, a key partner both Ryūbi, Soso, or Sonsaku. ends also varies depending on who he is partnered with. 

Shoku (蜀, Shǔ)   


Kan'u Unchō (关羽云长, Guan Yu -? Yunchang) 

Real name: Aisha (爱纱, Aisha?) 

Arguably the main character from the first game, came shortly after Hongo Kan'u transported back in time and saved him from a group of bandits. Because Hongo strange clothes and manner of speaking, she then mistakes him to be the "Messenger of Heaven" and be the first to swear allegiance to him. Kan'u remain the driving force behind the army / Hongo Shoku and featuring many heroic actions in the war, often leading voices for the other girls as well as the mover of the group. However, because of her past, she is refusing to call him Kazuto a girl, who stated, "Nothing is as weak as that!". It is also noted that she is easy to change a dangerous, even violent when provoked. She's really afraid of ghosts. 

In Shin Koihime Muso, Kan'u is relegated to the position of second in command Ryūbi and beliefs. Here she is generally very strict and disciplined, especially against Ryūbi own (because Ryūbi be somewhat naive and reluctant queen), and Kazuto (from the possibility of jealousy the proximity Ryūbi for Kazuto, because she himself is actually harbors romantic feelings towards him). 

Chōhi Yokutoku (张飞翼徳, Zhang Fei -? Yide) 
Real name: Rinrin (铃々, Lingling?) 
Kazuto Chōhi joined together with Kan'u after two found him together. Unlike Kan'u, which holds the master-servant relationship as more reserved with Kazuto, Kazuto treat him like an older brother and called him "big brother" similar to how she treats Kan'u. As a strong character, strong Chōhi ability damage when used as a general in the game.However, she did not have the defense techniques when used as a commander, so that makes him unfit to be one. 


Ryūbi Gentoku (刘备玄德, Liu Bei -? Xuande) 

Real name: Toka (桃香, Taoxiang?) 

Shoku young queen in Shin Koihime Muso Kingdom. Since very young she was naive, often reluctant to go to war, and hated the document (much to the chargin of Kan'u consequently often scolds the young queen and reminds him of her duty), but has a lot of confidence in subordinates. She fell in love with Kazuto, causing Kan'u feel a little jealous.



Chō'un Shiryu (赵云子龙, Zhao Yun -? Zilong) 

Surname: Sei (星, Xing?) 

When Kan'u the army to fight, he fought with Chōun for a while, when the war ended, Kazuto Chōun met and took a liking to him, promising to join the army later. He joined after a battle with Enshō Kochu. He has an obsession menma powerful of all kinds. He also has a habit of walking around the city as a masked hero of justice 'Butterfly Mask' in her patrol shift. Surprisingly, no one other than Kazuto and Shuri could recognize her true identity, even if just wearing a mask and her style against recognized . Furthermore, Chōun did not realize how obvious he was to disguise the front Kazuto.Despite tempting, he surprised Kazuto pure shock at times. 



Bacho Moki (马超孟起, Ma Chao -? Mengqi) 

Surname: Sui (翠, Cui?) 

When her father died, she joined the army Kazuto so she can get revenge on Soso. She was joined during the war against Enshō. She became very embarrassed when alone with a man, Kazuto esspecially for her tendency to flirt, make do with Kazuto in the event of an awkward start Phase Base. She would be better in the emotional, even willing to forgive Sousou. 



Shokatsuryō Komei (诸葛亮孔明, Zhuge Liang -? Kongming) 

Real name: Shuri (朱里, Zhuli?) 

When she was evacuating a village and meet Kazuto, she was impressed to see "the messenger of heaven" is very helpful people. She then begged Kazuto to let him join the army, and he allowed him for her knowledge that she was a strategist. The third to join the group. She has a tendency to say "Hawawa" very often to the point of being called "Hawawa Strategist" by the army. She also has a hobby of reading books aside to find new ways to please Kazuto.Although her books are often damaged, sometimes even by Kazuto own.



Kochu Kanshō (黄忠汉升, Huang Zhong -? Hansheng) 

Surname: Shion (紫苑, Ziyuan?) 

Daughter Riri (see below) was kidnapped by people Enshō to make Kochu against soldiers Kazuto's. Thanks Chōun, group Kazuto is able to save Riri and return to Kochu. Rescue allows him to see how Kazuto is a good man, and she offers service to him and a fight at her side. She loves Kazuto and even wants him to father her future children, even though she is often teased him. She usually advises Kazuto in love and people like the girls, even when their subordinates Sousou arrested. 


Gengan (严颜?, Yan Yan) 

Real name: Kikyo (桔梗, Jiegeng?) 

A general Shin Koihime Muso women. Kochu close friend and drinking partner. She sports a large red shoulder armor over her left shoulder when it ir directed up the battle. Very high and quite exciting, she was often teased as Kochu Kazuto not. 



Gien Bunchō (魏延文长, Wei Yan -? Wenchang) 

Real name: En'ya (焔耶, Yanye?) 

A soldier in the Shin Koihime Muso. She is easily distinguished by black hair with white lines on the right side. A loyal bodyguard Ryūbi. Has a tomboyish personality and seems to take exception to some of the types of behaviors that indicate affection or attraction, both of those, or animals (like dogs Ryofu's). Initially hostile to Kazuto and regard him as a misguided troublemaker, until she was "punished" by Batai in a very embarrassing (Batai tricked Gien into the trap trap properly prepared, and then tickles him). at first denied it, she finally realized he liked Kazuto. 



Batai (马岱?, Ma Dai) 

Original name: Tanpopo (蒲公英, Pugongying?) 

Cousin Shin Koihime Muso at Bacho. Although younger than Bacho, she does not have a problem to be around men.In fact, she was often teased Bacho on the last issues with men, sometimes by putting it into an embarrassing situation, like to bring him to see Kazuto while she was bathing in the river cause for panic Bacho. She also likes to Kazuto, and aggressive in pursuing him, going so far as to lead him out into the woods (in pretending that Bacho kidnapped), knocking him unconscious, and have a way with him. 


Hōtō Shigen (凤统士元, Pang Tong -? Shiyuan) 

Real name: HINARI (雏里, Chuli?) 

Shin Koihime Muso appear on. Shuri closest friends, who almost always with him, and even shares her hobby of reading heretical books. Her clothes like a magician. She is also sometimes referred to as "Awawa Strategist" as she sometimes says "Awawa ". 

Gi (魏, Wei)   
Soso my motto (曹操孟徳, Cao Cao -? Mengde) 
Real name: Karin (华琳, Hualin?) 
Gi monarch. She rarely became angry and wants to get beautiful women in her control, especially Kan'u. In the first game after being a prisoner of the royal Shoku, she was very disturbed by how the questions and Kazuto still can, because life is a lack of leadership and naiveness it. However, she admitted that she obtained was naiveness generals like Kan'U. She often questions how she could lose Kazuto and in turn, Kazuto often question how she can beat her.In Koihime, she gave himself after the war because of her job, pride and do not make people more miserable. In Shin Koihime Muso, she is a brilliant and powerful warlord with the goal of unification of China under the rule, and exploit knowledge about the history Kazuto Asia to gain if she became her adviser. She then fell in love with Kazuto, but too proud to admit it.


Kakōton Genjō (夏侯惇元譲, Xiahou Dun -? Yuanrang) 
Surname: Shunran (春兰, Chunlan?) 

She is the brother of the sisters and also cousins ​​Soso Kako and a commander of the royal Gi. She is strong on the battlefield, but dimwitted enough, she demonstrated a lack of understanding of the meaning of the proverb. Like many of the subordinate Soso, she enjoys being ridiculed by the authorities of  her. In the first game after being a prisoner of Shoku, she was greatly disturbed by Kazuto, especially when Sousou not deny showed interest in him. However, like most prisoners, she became less hostile later. In Shin Koihime Muso, she tends to shov a bit childish behavor infantile (like when she cried after dropping and damaging valuable objects when a horseman passing too close to it), and she has a view of Kazuto awkward, with a tendency to blush while talking to him, as if trying to hide the romantic feelings she may have to behind him a strong front of  her firm. 

Kakōen Myōsai (夏侯渊妙才, Xiahou Yuan -? Miaocai) 
Surname: Shūran (秋兰, Qiulan?) 

Sister of brothers and cousins ​​Kako Soso and a commander of the royal Gi. Unlike her brother, she is calm and very intelligent. In the first game she did not show signs of hate to Kazuto after being arrested and even went so far as to put him as the favorite '5 th ' later. Outside Sousou, she was the only one able to calm her brother. In Shin Koihime Muso, she has a normal friendly relations of Kazuto, and often asked him to bear with her brother's strange behavior.

Jun'iku Bunjaku (荀彧文若, Xun Yu -? Wenruo) 
Surname: Keifa (桂花, Guihua?) 

Strategists of the empire Gi. Of all the subordinate Soso, she is most likely the person who enjoys being teased by the most. She started to develop a little competition with Kazuto for attention Soso's after being arrested (in the first game) or when Kazuto serves as an adviser to Soso's (in Shin Koihime Muso). 


Kyocho Chūkō (许绪仲康, Xu Chu -? Zhongkang) 
Real name: Kii (季衣, Jiyi?) 

A young girl with pink hair who was commander of the royal Gi. She was the only employee who did not tease Soso.In the first game when it was captured by imperial Shoku, he almost immediatelx gets along with Kazuto and call it 'Onii-chan', much to her chagrin Rinrin's. She had the same attitude towads Shin Koihime Muso him when she became adviser to Soso's. Kakōton and Kakōen Kyocho treat like a brother. 

Kakuka Hōkō (郭嘉奉孝, Guo Jia -? Fengxiao) 
Original name: Rin (禀, Lin?) 

A strategy of women Shin Koihime Muso glasses on. She easily gets nosebleeds when having explicit fantasies, and as a result are sometimes found unconscious on the ground and is often mistaken for the dead (due to a pool of blood from her nosebleeding).

Tei'iku Chūtoku (程昱仲徳, Yu Cheng -? Zhongde) 
Real name: Fu (风, Feng?) 
Quiet girl adviser and a new character in Shin Koihime Muso. She is the most important to always carry a lollipop, and wearing a head ornament that somehow reflect her emotions. 

Gakushin Bunken (乐进文谦, Jin Yue -? Wenqian) 
Surname: Nagi (凪, Chi?) 
Female soldier and a general character in Shin Koihime Muso new. A general who believes in strict order and discipline, and thus have a hard time keeping her comerades Ukin Riten and under control, using force if necessary. 

Riten Mansei (李典曼成, Dian Li -? Mancheng) 
Original name: Mao (真桜, Zhenying?) 
A mechanic at Shin Koihime Muso women. She and her comerade Ukin likds to throw around during the time of peace, many of the chargin of Gakushin. She was also quite voluptuous exciting given its short stature. 

Ukin Bunsoku (于禁文则, Yu Jin -? Wenze) 
Real name: Sawa (沙和, Shahe?) 
A bespectacled character in Shin Koihime Muso new. She and her comerade Riten likes to throw around during the time of peace, many of the chargin of Gakushin. 

Ten'i Shiman (典韦?, Dian Wei) 
Real name: Ruru (流琉, Liuliu?) 
A character holding a yo-yo as a weapon in the Shin Koihime Muso. Kyocho's friend and frequent sparring partner.Two of them are likely to cause much damage to their property during the sparring session. As Kyocho, she saw Kazuto as its big brother, call it 'Nii-san' .

Go (吴, WU)   
Sonsaku Hakufu (孙策伯符, Sun Ce -? Bofu) 
Real name: Sheren (雪连, Xuelian?) 
Go Queen of the Kingdom, the oldest sister of the family of the Son, and of faction leader Shin Koihime Muso Go on. She was nicknamed "Little Conqueror", because of her ambitious dream to unite the land. If Kazuto to join the Kingdom of Go, her tenure as a leader who tragically cut short when she was killed before the battle against the kingdom of Gi, then passes the mantle to her brother Sonken, and led faction Soso Go to misunderstand the charge of murder one. 
She does not appear in the first game outside of a flashback, but her dream is affected Shuyu. 

Sonken Chūbō (孙権仲谋, Sun Quan -? Zhongmou) 
Surname: Renfa (莲华, Lianhua?) 
She was the leader of the faction Go. Unlike her brother, she prefers peace to the people. She is insecure about being the ruler himself and the question is often whether she was fit to carry the pride of lineage. She also has the ability to fight incompetent, failing to land even a hit single on Kan'u before losing. After the defeat, she gave himself as a punishment for the inability of the ruling. However, he begins to develop feelings for Kazuto when she accepted him as just a girl who is not from the authorities. It is also slightly hinted by Ukitsu Renfa and even himself that she had developed a crush for Kazuto earlier, perhaps in their alliance against the Gi.
In Shin Koihime Muso, brother Sonsaku take her place as leader of the faction Go. Hair has also been greatly extended. But if Kazuto Go join a faction, Sonsaku was finally killed in action early in the campaign, and Sonken took over with a heavy heart, cut the hair at the time do so. she refused to accept Kazuto at first, but then fell in love with him.

Sonshōkō (孙尚香?, Shangxiang Sun) 
Surname: Shaoren (小莲, Xiaolian?) 
She came out of the kingdom to fight the alleged false Hongo faction to faction betrayed the alliance with Go. Once captured by a faction of Hongo and clean up any misunderstanding, she took a liking to Kazuto for her kindness and enjoy playing with him. 

Shūyu Kokin (周瑜公谨, Zhou Yu -? Gongjin) 
Real name: Meirin (冥琳, Minglin?) 
A brilliant strategist for Go faction, said to rival Koumei. Her affection for Sonsaku go so far that she was willing to sacrifice everything else for Sonsaku dream, even if it means betraying the trust Sonken in the original game. In Shin Koihime Muso, if Kazuto to join Go factions, Shūyu eventually died in action at the end of the campaign after Gi defeated faction. 


Kannei Koha (甘宁兴霸, Gan Ning -? Xingba) 
Surname: Shishun (思春, Sichun?) 
A loyal subordinate and overprotective of Sonken guards who almost never left her side. However, unlike the Sousou Kakōton bodyguard, she was grateful for because she has made ​​Kazuto Sonken happier and lighter than when Sonken still a ruler, that she was not able to . In Koihime, she's one of the very few who really think highly of her kindness as a weakness rather than criticize. Unlike other girls, she wore a female version fundoshi. 

Rikuson Hakugen (陆逊伯言, Lu Xun -? Boyan) 
Surname: Non (穏, Wen?) 
Shūyu's students and co-strategy. He, however, to devote himself more than Shūyu Sonken, even willing to be caught together. 

Daikyō (大乔, Da Qiao?) 
She, along with her sister, is a personal one Shūyu's "pets" who has the sole purpose of entertaining himself. She hermaphrodite. 

Shōkyō (小乔?, Xiao Qiao)   
She, along with  her sister, is a personal one Shūyu's "pets" who has the sole purpose of entertaining himself. Daikyō Unlike  her sister, she is entirely female. 

Shūtai Yohei (周泰幼平, Zhou Tai -? Youping) 
Real name: Minmei (明命, Mingming?) 
An officer in the Shin Koihime Muso. Despite its small size she is a skilled fighter, wielding a sword over her height. She was very fond of cats. She developed a huge crush on Kazuto, blushing profusely to the point when the other members of the faction Go tease him about it. 

Kōgai Kofuku (黄盖公覆, Huang Gai -? Gongfu) 
Original name: Sai (祭, Ji?) 
A general in the Shin Koihime Muso. An army soldier who infiltrates Soso cunning in pretending defection during the battle of the ocean (based on the Battle of Chi Bi) and set the ship on fire Gi factions. If Kazuto to join the faction Gi, Kōgai eventually killed because of action this. 

Ryomō Shimei (?吕蒙子明, Lü Meng - Ziming) 
Surname: Ashe (亚莎, Yasha?) 
An officer wearing glasses and a new character in Shin Koihime Muso. She usually bookwormish but would like more feminine. Kazuto help him out by getting him to try the dress. She mentioned by name only in Koihime where Kan'U showed irritation to only see him on the battlefield. 

To (董, Dong) 

Tōtaku Chūei (董卓仲颖, Dong Zhuo -? Zhongying) 
Original name: Yue (月, Yue?) 
TO monarch. Kazuto was immediately shocked by her appearance than she Tōtaku read about back in her own world.As a victim of a mysterious white soldiers, Kazuto takes him and Stiff in the care of a maid. For the good of her actions, she harbors a strong desire to Kazuto and enjoyed being a maid. In Shin Koihime Muso, she joined the royal army Shoku, becoming one of the strategies. 



Rigid Bunwa (贾駆文和, Jia Xu -? Wenhe) 
Original name: Ei (咏, Yong?) 
Strategists and best friend Yue from childhood. He became annoyed when Yue is open until Kazuto, but can not say no to him. She has some interest in Kazuto, but always too angry and proud to show it. It is then shown that the violence largely the result of forgetting her own happiness to devote himself to protect Yue. 



Wood (华雄?, Hua Xiong) 

She was very proud of himself, asked to lead the fight against the three kingdoms, said delivery would be excessive Ryoufu a. She died quite early in the game by Kan'u in a duel. In Shin Koihime Muso, she moved to the class where Kazuto is part of the beginning of the campaign , but was defeated. She survived the end of the campaign Gi, whereas she was killed in action in both the Shoku or Go campaign. 
She was known for being the only girl who does not have a romantic ceremony in one game. 


Ryofu Hosen (吕布奉先, Lu Bu -? Fengxian) 

Original name: Ren (恋, Lian?) 
Called a monster by others because of her ridiculous strength. Actually, she just wants to live in peace with her pet, which she has about fifty. She loves Kazuto, but initially did not understand the feelings she had. When he ate, the people who see she can not help but stare in awe as exceptional cuteness. In Shin Koihime Muso, she joined the Royal forces Shoku. 

Chōryō Bun'en (张辽文远, Zhang Liao -? Wenyuan) 
Surname: Shia (霞, Xia?) 
She initially started in the kingdom, but jumped into the kingdom after being defeatdd by Kakōton Gi, then to the kingdom after being defeated by Kan'u Shoku. She has a hatred of the battle is not fair and just enjoy the fights with strong opponents. She has a strong obsession Kan'u to the point of even her own weapon models as a black version of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. In Shin Koihime Muso, she joined the royal army after being defeated by their Gi and remain loyal to them. 
Chinkyū Kodai (陈宫公台, Chen Gong -? Gongtai) 
Real name: Nenene (音々音, Yinyinyin?) 
A new characters and strategies in the Shin Koihime Muso. A partner is a self-proclaimed and advisory Ryofu, and considers himself a protective Ryofu's, dishing out punishment whatever one is doing she considers offensive to Ryofu (like her to Kazuto when she bought the Ryofu a bag of nikuman in front common, resulting in one of Ryofu's attention-getting adventure eating). She sports an officer's cap with panda symbol on it. 

En (袁, Yuan) Enshō

Enshō Honsho (袁绍本初, Yuan Shao -? Benchu) 
Real name: Reiha (丽羽, Liyu?) 
A person who is not too bright pride. She always used to care about how much money she has on hand. She has a strong hatred for Soso for the majority of the reasons that she himself had been. Actually, he's very dependent on Bunshū and Ganryō and feel alone and scared with no beside them. During the foundation phase, the player assumes the omniscient perspective rather than from the perspective of Kazuto because Enshō was never captured by Shoku, rather than around China to find the treasure with her subordinates. In Shin Koihime Muso, she and her advisors and Ganryō Bunshū lend their services to the Kingdom of Shoku, although during times of peace she engaged in activities that embarrass advisers and officials sometimes also Shoku.

Bunshū (文丑?, Chou Wen) 
Real name: Iishe (猪々子, Zhuzhuzi?) 
A tough girl who tends to act first and think later. She constantly bickers with Enshō during their trip through China. She has a strong relationship with its allies, especially Ganryō, and become worried and anxious when something happens to them. She rather robust against people who, although not able to beat anything. In Shin Koihime Muso, she lent her services to the Kingdom of Shoku. 

Ganryō (颜良?, Liang Yan) 
Real name: Toshi (斗诗, Doushi?) 
The only trio that has all sorts of intelligence and common sense. She constantly disappointed by the actions of the other two are usually the cause of the problem. However, she cares for them and stick with them through their journey through China (in Koihime Muso) or during their alliance with the Kingdom of Shoku (in Shin Koihime Muso). 

Enjutsu Koro (袁术公路, Yuan Shu -? Gonglu) 
Real name: Miu (美羽, Meiyu?) 
Eepupu in Shin Koihime Muso Enshō. First independent combat until defeated by faction Go.  Her life was spared by Sonsaku after he gave up. She had a lesbian relationship with Chōkun assistant, and she often laughed at behind her back Enshō. 

Chōkun (张勲?, Xun Zhang) 
Real name: Nanano (七乃, Qinai?) 
Assistant   Shin Koihime Muso Enjutsu in dressed like a stewardess. Having a lesbian relationship with her ​​superior Enjutsu. 

Kōkintō (黄巾党, Yellow Turbans) Chōkaku 
Chōkaku (张角?, Zhang Jiao) 
Real name: Tenhō (天和, Tianhe?) 
The oldest sister of the Sisters Cho. She and her sisters are a famous idol group and the leaders of the Shin Koihile Muso Kōkintō. Once conquered by a faction of Gi, she and her sisters to join them.

Chōhō (张宝?, Bao Zhang) 
Surname: Chiihō (地和, Dihe?)    
Cho was younger brothers. 


Chōryō (张梁?, Liang Zhang) 
Real name: Renhō (人和, Renhe?) 
Youngest brother of sister of Cho. 


NANBAN (南蛮, Nanman) Mōkaku 
Mōkaku (孟获?, Meng Huo) 
Real name: Mii (美以, Meiyi?) 
NANBAN leader (NANBAN) in Shin Koihime Muso. She wears an elephant headdress and armed with a polearm with a giant foot in the end. After crossing the road to the Kingdom of Shoku, she and her group was defeated, and they joined the Shoku faction. 

Other Chosen 

Chosen (貂蝉?, Diao Chan) 
Chosen was a big, muscular, bald and wearing pigtailed thong in contrast to such legendary beautiful woman in the history of the novel. He often showed interest in Kazuto, a lot of anxiety and disgust. Even Sousou big and powerful subordinates he is really afraid of her presence. In Koihime, he plays a major role in supporting Kazuto in the storyline. In Shin Koihime Muso, he only appeared in a special campaign that is locked after completing the campaign of the three warring factions. 

Kada Genka (华佗元化, Hua Tuo -? Yuanhua) 
A new character in Shin Koihime Muso. One of the few men in the game. He is one of the central character in a special campaign to open after completing the campaign of the three warring factions. He claimed to be a doctor, treating wounded people were wounded he encounters, whether they be friend or foe. 
Himiko (卑弥呼?, Himiko) 
A new character in Shin Koihime Muso. A white-haired man with a mustache wearing a loincloth under a blazer (not a woman in the history of the novel, described as the queen of Wa (ancient Japan the Chinese name)) who appears in a special campaign was opened after completion of the campaign three warring factions. proved to have a history with the selected. He and chosen, along with the words, traveling throughout China, meeting, the (male) generals and soldiers from various factions, often scare them with their funny antics, sometimes to the point where the generals / soldiers (and their regiments) end up being too scared to fight in battle. Himiko also made ​​a cameo appearance (as a mysterious dark) at the end of the promotional rights go after the final battle when the forces Soso campaign is finally defeated. 
Kōsonsan Hakukei (公孙赞伯珪, Gongsun Zan -? Bogui) 
Surname: Pairen (白莲, Bailian?) 
A feudal lord who originally served under the faction before allying himself with En Shoku faction. She has a bigger role in the Shin Koihime Muso. 

Riri (璃々?, Lili) 
Daughter Kochu. Once rescued from her kidnappers by Kazuto, she grew very fond of him and hang out with him whenever she can. 
Saji Genpō (左慈元放, Zuo Ci -? Yuanfang) 
He tried to steal the mirror Kazuto sent to another world. He is a member of the hooded men who tried to kill Kazuto and people who hate him the most. 

Ukitsu (于吉?, Ji Yu) 
He is a partner of Saji's. He was one of the brainwashing and betrayal behind Soso Shuyu so they could kill Kazuto. 
Fake Ryūbi 
NISE-Ryūbi (伪刘备?) 
A charismatic young commander. He is not to be confused with Shin Koihime Muso Ryūbi as the latter are women and it has no real name. He first appeared in episode 11 lead to criminal militia Toka village where Aisha and Rinrin help them defeat the bandits. Gentoku claims as descendants Ryūshō and can get the army of the feudal lord Toka as he and his followers on a quest to defeat the bandits. However, his forces defeated seven times and that has led to his reputation is known as the commander who lost every battle that at one point was thinking of throwing master him out if he loses again. Thanks to the help of Aisha and Rinrin and strategies Shuri, Gentoku and his men are able to defeat the bandits one by one. He is also gond with women because he was the first to admit that Aisha was the famous Black-haired Beautiful Bandit Fighter without the usual skepticism beauty, and she even charmed Kashin General himself, earning trust him.

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